Don't Panic

This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays

Jon Phillips
11 December 1983
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Originally from Tennesse, moved to the Seattle area (which I love) when I was thirteen. I now live in Portland working as a flight attendant for Horizon Air until my parents' incomes no longer matter for financial aid and I can go back to school where I plan to study evolutionary biology.

I probably spend more time than I should indoors reading. I read biology, linguistics, philosophy, physics, and politics for the most part, but I also have a fair amount of literature ranging from Albert Camus to Ursula K. LeGuin. I rarely go anywhere without at least one or two books.

I like to say that I play flute and trombone, but since I don't really practice anymore, I always feel kind of guilty claiming that. I do intend to remedy that soon. I was in a few plays in high school which I loved, but unfortunately, I wasn't really good enough to do anything more with it.

Most people describe me as sane and rational, fearless and intrepid, witty and forceful, and, above all, devilishly handsome.